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Welcome to NEUMANN ENTERPRISES a professional business-to-business collection agency with more than twenty years of receivables experience. We have the skill and expertise needed to collect your outstanding receivables, delivering improved cash flow and reduced days outstanding.

Our collection approach includes a commitment to collect in full or settle with your authorization in the first 30 days. We make immediate contact with your clients the day we begin working together. As a result most clients experience a 10-15% improvement in the receivables recovered.

And we’re flexible in the way we work with you. We can serve either an extension of your collection efforts (post an acquisition, project to reduce DSO, etc) or as an outside agency. Out of state collections, international—no problem, we have experience across the world. And since we work on a contingency fee basis, we only get paid if we are successful. You’ll find that with our low overhead and personal involvement in your account, our rates are exceptionally competitive.

NEUMANN ENTERPRISES is all about facilitating timely resolution of accounts, while remaining mindful and flexible in our approach. Most importantly, we represent your interest in the most professional manner—with the knowledge that these are your customers and that we are an extension of your company.

Professionalism comes from experience and by association. NEUMANN ENTERPRISES is proud to be associated with the industry’s most important professional credit organizations including the American Credit Association and California Association of Collectors. ​ We’re ready to begin recovering your assets--so give us a call.



Experience shows that employing the services of a professional collection organization ensures the greatest return on your outstanding assets. Putting Neumann Enterprises on your team will return substantial dividends. We can serve as an extension of your existing staff, working as an agent of your company, or as a third party collection company. You’ll benefit from our experience including:

  • 20 years of professional collection expertise
  • National and international coverage
  • 30 day commitment

Collect in full Settle in full with client authorization Provide an IRS qualified close letter for defunct accounts Engage legal representation where required Assertive, professional collection strategy Rapid remittance of monies collected Customized reporting Weekly account status communication Full service external collections or serve as a member of your staff Experience across all major industries Association with the ACA and CAC



We work on a contingent basis with no upfront fees. With an operating overhead well below national averages, we are often able to be more competitive. Our rate structure is adjusted based on your receivable status, ensuring the highest return on your outstanding balances. Serving as an extension of your initial collection efforts, we deliver results worthy of the agreed upon contingent fee. Click on the Getting Started page to let us know how we can help improve your asset recovery.


  • 25% on collections $300.00 to $2,000.00
  • 20% on excess of $2,000.00
  • 50% on accounts under $300.00 or over one year old
  • Accounts over $10,000.00 - Negotiable(Prior to Placement)
  • 35% on Judgments & International claims
  • 10% on accounts paid prior to placement
  • 1/2 the normal fee on merchandise returns


Neumann Enterprises is authorized to endorse and negotiate or deposit in any Neumann Enterprises bank account any and all checks, drafts, notes or other forms of currency and deduct authorized charges from these payments. Should it become necessary to forward this claim to an attorney and if counsel has not been designated by the creditor, Neumann Enterprises is authorized as our Collection Agency to select and tender the account to an attorney who will at all times be an agent of and subject to creditors direction and control. On accounts forwarded to Creditors attorneys, additional fees will be due on all funds collected. If creditor authorizes suit and legal action, additional charges for legal services and advance costs will be required.



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We are ready to help you reach your credit and collection goals by representing you in the most professional and straightforward manner. If you would like to better understand how we can maximize the return on your customer investment please contact us via phone, or email. We will begin working on your account the first business day after we receive your authorization.


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Email or give us a call to let us know how we can best help you. We source from hundreds of suppliers and deliver and install anywhere in the US and Canada.


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